Mike "Tino" Gomes It pretty much started with me back in 1974 when I went to a party with Scotty Wellman. We were in the back yard of this house and they had music goin' on so we decided to go back and listen. Scott had recently started a band, I think the name was Magnolia. We were just talkin' .. relaxing when a song by the Allman Brothers Band came on the stereo. I think the song was Jessica. Anyway, there were some old pots and pans lying around in the yard so I picked them up and started beating on them you know, to the beat of the song Anyway, Scott says "Hey Tino, Why don't you join the band?". Well, the next day I went to a music store in Merced and bought a pair of used congas and as they say, the rest was history

At age 6, Michael got his first set of drums and his love for music has never left his heart. When he is singing on stage you can see the passion for music in his face. His greatest happiness is performing for people and having a good time with them through his music. __________________ Donna Gomes, Tino's mom