Scott Wellman My first influence with a band was in Rio Vista California called the "Madcaps". They were buddies of my oldest brother, Wayne. They used to jam in our living room. I was awestruck I loved it I was eight years old or so. After that point in time, whenever I went to a dance where there was live music, I was always up front enjoying the band, instruments, etc.

My freshman year, my parents gave me a blank check for a guitar and later on got a Silverstone at a pawnshop in Modesto. First got a band together in high school called "The Sound Dynasty". After high school (my college years); quit playing for a few years. I picked the guitar back up in 1975 and started a band called "Magnolia" - kind of a "Greatful Dead" clone cover band. That's when I started playing lead and it was only because I was a shade better than the other guitar player (till this day it's still being disputed). Next came "Sneeky Pete", "McKenzie", "Basin Street", "The Josie Cutter Band", "The Laurel Street Band", then eventually came back to "Sneeky Pete".

The idea for a CD came about after we played at the Westside Theater in Newman, California, for a concert featuring original only music. It was the brainchild of Farris and David Larsen (our soundman) the backbones of the theater. We decided, since practicing so hard on our original music made us as tight as we'd ever been, "Let's take it to the studio!!" and the rest is really history - somewhat recent history, but history all the same __________ Scott

Influences: Jerry Garcia, Toy Caldwell, Dickey Betts

Note: I've been told I have my own style, good bad or indifferent, it's something I'm proud of.