Leroy Castro began piano and accordion lessons at the age of10. Played the trombone in grammar and high school bands.

During his time in the U.S. Army, he was a member of a Division "A" band. Part of this time was spent in Europe touring with the band and also when he had the chance played with other small groups. He played trombone in a rock group and played piano in a small jazz group. After his military duties, he became a closet musician, only playing music in the privacy of his own home.

"I think it was Scott Wellman who asked me if I wanted to play in a group for a wedding". Scott, Steve DeRosa, and Tino Gomes were playing together about that time, as "Sneeky Pete". We played for a few events, weddings, bars and then I was hooked. This group was eventually named L.C. and friends. We talked Farris Larsen into being our lead singer. Later Farris and I formed a group called 20/20. This group had a change in venue and played older (40's) music and music with a jazz feel. This band, generally speaking, was comprised of seven members. The 20/20 band has played in the central valley for years and is still active.

I remember playing at the Holiday Inn in Santa Nella, California, with "Sneeky Pete" and being somewhat older than the rest, I was addressed as Dad.

These musicians (Scott, Frank, Tino, Louie, and Mario) are extremely talented. They are also very dedicated their music and their ability to write music and lyrics is very impressive.

This has been great fun for me to participate in the recording of this CD. I appreciate being asked to participate , and hope to see you on the next recording!!!