Frank "Ace" Amaral I really started paying attention to music when I was around six years old. I had received my first album "Meet the Beatles" and I knew every word to every song on that album. That was what really got me interested in music.

I took guitar lessons about 1970 from Jack Martin from Newman.

Around 1973 or so, I joined togther in my first band experience with Craig Martin, Mark Rose, Rick Castro and Bob Caetano. We played together under several different band names, Saville Row, Shattered Glass, and Lazy Lightnin' just to name a few. That lasted until about 1978 or 1979.

Around that time is when I joined up with "Sneeky Pete" with Scott, Tino, Louie, Johnny Lester and Steve DeRosa. My first gig was at a bar in Modesto called "The Godfather".

I played music with Sneeky Pete until the summer of 1981 and then was away from music for a while. In the mid to late 1980's, I played in a band we dubbed "Frankie and The Ball Parks" which included Dave Keller, Dave Hicks and John Escobar.

Sonetime in the 1990's, I joined up for a reunion with Sneeky Pete at the Legion Hall in Gustine California. This reunion has pulled us together for other annual reunion appearances and subsequently led to the CD "Where Do We Go From Here?"